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Arti kata: Ditches - definisi

Meaning / definition of: Ditches

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1. (noun) a long narrow excavation in the earth (ditch)


2. (noun) any small natural waterway (ditch)

(parit, selokan)

3. (verb) forsake (ditch)

(mengetepikan, meninggalkan)

"Ditch a lover"

4. (verb) make an emergency landing on water (ditch)

5. (verb) crash or crash-land (ditch)

"Ditch a car"
"Ditch a plane"

6. (verb) throw away (chuck, ditch)

(melempar, membuang, mencampakkan)

7. (verb) sever all ties with, usually unceremoniously or irresponsibly (dump, ditch)

(membuang, meninggalkan)

8. (verb) cut a trench in, as for drainage (trench, ditch)

"Ditch the land to drain it"


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