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About Us

Hi friends! Here the team behind and

These sites have been made possible thanks to the contribution of very valuable people in the ESL world:

Meredith Cicerchia

Applied Linguist and Education Freelancer. She has worked as Director of Communication and curriculum developer for companies like Memrise and
Master of Science, Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition at University of Oxford

Chuck Sandy

Author, Editor, Teacher and Trainer
ESL Language Instructor
Working online to provide quality evaluation for teacher trainees going through the TEFL-C coursefor teachers of young learners. To learn more about the TEFL-C program and its online coursemodules please see
Author at Cengage Learning. Coauthor of Active Skills For Communication.
Master of Arts at West Virginia University, also studying Applied Linguistics, TESOL, Education, Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language.

Patrice Palmer

Teacher, Writer, Trainer
Master of Education (M.Ed.) at Brock University
Chair - Materials Writing Interest Section at TESOL International Association
Owner of

Koba Moleenar

Copy-editor at The Language Practice
BA with Honours,: English Language and Literature at University of South Africa
Bachelor’s Degree: Educational Psychology at University of Stellenbosch

Thanks to:

Paul Nation ( for his work in English language learning and vocabulary coverage studies in English texts. The University Centre for Computer Corpus Research on Language at the University of Lancaster The University of Oxford for their work on English corpora and the resources they provide.

Also thanks to very kind people as Scott Thornbury (, Diane Nicholls (, Jasos Wolfe ( for their feedback and support.

If you want to contact us, you can reach us by sending me an email at info (at) lingorank (dot) com

Enjoy improving your English vocabulary with!